Monday, 20 April 2009

Just getting through the day..

I think I have forgotten how to be happy, this is how I feel most of the time..melancholy...and tired, but here are some pics of what I have been getting up to through the gloom that is my life at the moment and don't even mention lovelife or lack of ! The last picture is a sneak peak of something that i am working on soon to be revealed :)

Sunday, 19 April 2009

Ohhhh no make up...

A bit scary this self therapy photo thing, but it is actually working, I am starting to look at my photo's and criticise them more positively..

Saturday, 18 April 2009

What have I done today ! quick update !

Hello peeps just a few pics to show you, some illustrations I have been working on, designs colours etc prep work for a range of stuff really and more self portraits..please don't get too bored, back tomorrow ! have a great day ! :)

Sunday, 12 April 2009

What have I done today !

Well apart from listening to loads of music and watching 'Britain's got talent' which looks really good this year.. i have finished some pictures in my journal style and I have made another project for my craftzine, an inchie scrapbook pendant..oohhh check it out..

Also I am trying to get a better self image my doing the opposite of what I do when there is a camera around which is usually run for the hills or find the nearest bunker to hide in... I have taken pics of myself tried some techniques out and posted them on here and flickr..aaarrggghhhhh
I am no photographer and it is really hard to hold a camera to take a self portrait and not move ! even with anti shake ! Is it just me or does no one look like they do in a photo ? whenever I see myself in a picture I have to take another look, it just doesn't look like the face I see in the mirror...or maybe the face in the mirror isn't what I look like and the photo is ! oh my god that is going to freak me out now.

Also, last week was really crappy and thursday was the crappiest, I really felt awful really depressed and sad...until....I got this huge package in the post ! I finally got the swap package from chinamommy and it was soooo worth waiting for look at all the lovely stuff, she gave me so much more stuff than I did, my box was a quarter of the size and I felt so bad that I think I may have to send her a little something extra.........

I have also extended the deadline for the TEA Party on my flickr group and altered art appreciation society blog to the 25th of April so there is more time for you all to enter pleasssssseeeeee !

okay that's enough from me for now but please feel free to leave a comment or say hi, I am on facebook and Twitter now ..Ciao !

Friday, 10 April 2009

Quick update for the week..self portrait

Hello, I have a couple of pics of some buttons that I made and the cover of a journal that I am finishing, plus some pics of me that I have tried to be arty with, compositions, I love blurry looking pictures too as they hide a multitude of sins :) not to mention look cool, that's not to say that it makes me look cool though. I have had a crap week so I will do a proper post tomorrow with more crafty bits and a new project for the craftzine for the weekend...

Saturday, 4 April 2009

Springtime Inspiration

Spring has sprung in England now that we are getting the odd warm and sunny days here, and as Easter is just around the corner here are some pics of what I have been up to including hanging decorations , fabric jewellery, flower rings, scrapbook pages and cakes..


I have used shabby chic and the colourful styles here.

I am also now on facebook and in the last couple of days twitter ! look me up :)

Many of these items will be on etsy soon..

These are a few of the cards as designed by Catalina Estrada, fantastic artist really vibrant pictures which have been turned into many things, wrapping paper, cards, books etc

Also I have added a 'how to' to my craftzine.