Sunday, 31 January 2010

There are beads and there are BEADS !!!

I have been working my arse off trying to get some stuff done in time for Valentine's day on Etsy, but I have been side tracked once again but not completely, I started making beads for a charm bracelet then read a copy of 'cloth, paper, scissors' and was inspired by the article of making chunky houses from styrofoam, but I made some of my houses a little smaller and turned them into beads and made a bracelet and with all my designs of hearts, houses and my signature birds I am going to sell them on Etsy as jewellery maybe but probably in bead sets to buy and do what you want with... here are some pics of various bits I have done this week including a few light papier mache small houses with quotes on that I will be selling also....

Don't forget I will be posting a new giveaway next Saturday for February.......

Monday, 18 January 2010

Winners !!!!!

Ok here are the winners of my latest giveaway !

Bracelet goes to Chinamommy Misschell

Brooch goes to Donna

Fancy ATC goes to Eleni

Woo hoo guys, thanks for taking part and look out for February's giveaway too :)

So please email me your address at

Thursday, 7 January 2010

Giveaway !!!

Hey guys please check out my giveaways for this month, pics for a cupcake pin badge and 'fancy' Atc are shown and one of my new 'Circus' bracelets from a new collection for my Etsy shop...the deadline for all are 16th January and winners announced on 17th January...
To enter just click on the pictures to the right and leave a comment on the post linked to it...that's it simple ! :)

Start as you mean to go on...........

It's a new year so one resolution is not to procrastinate and so far (touch not like that ! ...dirty ) I have managed to keep on top of things (wow this post isn't going well) and manage the projects i set myself and have made lots of notes and plans ready for a really positive re-vamp of my Etsy shop and an overhaul of all my other sites..and yes more regular blog posts......and more exciting more giveaways !! yeeeeeeay ! I hear you shout...I hope to post at least once a week if possible and do monthly giveaways !!! (I am aware I have said this before but I am more organised now)
Ok on to new are some pics of bits I have done over the last two weeks or so, some of my new 'fancy atc's', tags and jewellery !

Here is the diary that I bought too (you know the one i bought out of impulse and fear of selling out !) I am going to add some shabby bits to it, charms etc and decorate the pages inside as I go along so that I have something cool to keep and look back on ....

Friday, 1 January 2010

Happy New Year !

Well it's finally 2010....a new start, new ideas, new designs and new plans have already started filling my head !!! I have done so much planning and made lots of notes and spent all day on the computer apart from the hour I spent going to the shops to grab a diary before they shut as I needed one asap, yes and I haven't written in it yet, I get obsessed with needing something, can't wait till tomorrow, I need it now...just so it is here if I need it, crazy ! Anyway I just wanted a sort of work based one, a scrappy cheap one to roughly write down plans in, not my 'best' or 'proper' diary, you know what I mean, anyway I ended up buying another one because I loved the cover and then made myself believe that if I didn't buy it right now, today then they would be sold out tomorrow (despite there being about 6 on the shelf, the shop was closing in 15 mins and there was no one else here, it wasn't on sale either...but still if I don't buy it, it won't be here tomorrow...where are my pills ?)
It is gorgeous, the cover is dark brown embossed leather or leather look...yeah leather look (just smelt the cover) and I am going to add shabby charms and trinkets and paper to the inside and it will be my lovely pretty diary that I write beautifully in my best hand writing ever in every day...ha yeah right ! :D
I have also been watching p.s I love you, mainly because lots of my friends keep telling me how good it was, so I bought it one day, I say one day because I got it a couple of months ago and just left it in the wrapper because the story was sad and although I am not really a cryer, I do at sad films especially about love and stuff, you know thinking about my own life and lack of that sort of thing and the past blah blah blah...well I got a bit sad and thought sod it, just watch it..can't be that bad...well it was I started crying about 5 mins in because I thought I would love to have a guy like that (the bit where they are fighting) etc and cried through the whole film...the whole film even the funny bits made me cry, now my face feels twice the size and my eyes are like piss holes in the ones...well one is red but it was red before the film, I poked it earlier..don't ask..anyway good film but I eventually got round to what I was meant to do which was take snaps of my journals that I am starting this year and have lovingly decorated for your visual pleasure, sorry went really round the houses on that one, I do that, good film though, need a good cry ? watch face hurts !