Saturday, 30 July 2011

New Stock !

In store now, go to any of my shops (Etsy) and I have a few of these 'Pretty Fabric Bib necklaces' up now, all handmade and embellished, they go with anything and suit everyone, I still have a few more to add and they are all one off's so grab them now !!

Little Dave has been on a little trip to the studio with me and has a new mate Tommy the tiny toad...awww cute go to his website and follow all his adventures :)

I am working on doing lots more submissions in the next couple of months and am going to start writing a couple of books and get a little part time job... all this should keep me out of trouble ! :)

Ohhhhhh and I have just set up my website where it has a little bit of everything and links to all my stuff and other sites. If I knew how to put a picture of the site itself I would but just click on the address or this picture to be taken to it... I f anyone knows how to put pictures of website pages on here please let me know, thanks :) xx

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Dum da da da..da da da da da daaaaa....New Studio

Hey hey, well after long procrastination about doing this I have finally decided that I will post the pics of my new studio in London on the Thames :)

This is the most basic type of studio but hopefully next year I'll get one with a window ! :D

I must say I prefer to have a studio outside of the house where I go to to specifically create stuff, I like the journey actually getting out and being around other arty peeps, haven't had that since Art College..

Oh and just a reminder I have just posted again on Little Dave's blog with new pics of his friends so please go over there and follow him or he might cry :)

I am doing this for real now, quit my job a couple of months ago and it's scary but fear is a great motivation, my only real difficulty is getting the advertising to be able to sell more items so I have spent the week sorting this out trying to see what works best but if I can get as many of you lovely readers and followers to spread the word too that would be unbelievable and such a help to me.. whether its to my shop or my blog or facebook thanks in advance and if you are on Facebook then I have a page and group for little miss crafty, I am designing a proper brand logo at the moment but the current picture for each are of the bright orangey pink little girl...