Friday, 25 November 2011

What I want for Christmas....

Dear Father Christmas,
I have been a very good girl this year (to my recollection...) I know you are going to be very busy but I would like the entire set of copic markers for Christmas pleeeeeeaaassssseee... and Little Dave wants a new necklace too :)

Thank you
Lots of Love

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Hey hey, two posts in two days ??? yes I am feeling fine just have lots to show you :)
I opened my new Etsy shop as I said a couple of weeks ago and listed some items about a week ago and it's going well so far, Little Miss BFF is where I sell friendship bracelet sets, some are limited editions with charms that you can attach to bracelets or anywhere you like, and you can buy lots of sets and mix and match them..I always use my skills with colour to make some beautiful eye catching groups. I have so much more to make and different styles too to add so go over and have a look..

I am also doing more on the spiritual side of things and am in the process of designing and making jewellery and trinkets along these lines, I am also using my Burmese roots to make some kawaii style fun and colourful chunky jewellery with a Burmese influence of patterns and designs or just lettering !

Here are some other bits, a miniature handmade and bound book in a leather cover with decoration and a practice of my new embroidery designs which I intend to make into PDF's and sell.

Monday, 7 November 2011

Wow I have been away from here for a while,  been really busy but I will try to update more often (I know I always say that ! :) 
Well the weather is changing dramatically now and it is so cold some days, makes it hard to get out of a comfy warm bed especially when it's still dark outside, I think my body clock is a little messed up as it feels as though the daytime is only a couple of hours long and the nights last for ages, so I always feel like I have no time to make anything even though I do of course the early evenings are not nice, then again if it was snowing it would be nicer but I don't really want that yet as I wouldn't be able to get to work or the studio... And speaking of the studio (which is in Greenwich were the Olympics will be next year, hmm that's going to be special, I wonder what the travelling will be like !) I have some more pics to share with you...
My notice board...

 I am still learning how to crochet bits and pieces, it's coming along nicely, I much prefer it to knitting because it is quicker, you can get decorative patterns easier and more effective.  I'm working on this little display of 2x2 inch granny squares in coloured cottons rather than wool.

 It is unfinished at the moment, I think I may add some flowers and trimming... It is just pinned together and I haven't trimmed the cotton off yet either

 And it was my Dad's 60th birthday in October so we all went out for a meal and of course Little Dave and the boys came along for the fun ! :)

I have also opened a new shop on Etsy called Little Miss BFF  and here I am selling sets of woven friendship bracelets in different colours, styles and with charms etc 

And here is the logo I created... well that's all I have for now as I'm in the middle of adding more bracelets to the shop so go along and check them out :)