Thursday, 17 January 2008

Overspill of Craft from Flickr !

Bonjour ! I have used up my monthly allowance of picture on Flickr so I have updated my blog and put my extra pictures here for now which means I can kill two birds with one stone as I have needed to update here since new year ! I have bee so inspired over the last couple of months and I have too many ideas and not enough time, but I have made a plan and taken two days off for a long weekend to sort it all so I can free some space up in my head. And my poor cat Reggie who has been scratching at his ear for a couple of weeks let me look at it last night and he has it blocked with thick wax so I'm taking him to the vet in a while to get it well 'fixed' I feel so bad I didn't know he must be so uncomfortable. Anyway here are some photos of my mini journals, scrapbooks and the boxes they are in the first decorated with Amy Butlers wonderful paper designs and embellished with ribbons..

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