Saturday, 3 May 2008

The Marie-Antoinette influence

It has been a wonderfully sunny and quite warm day today, makes a change from all the rain and dark clouds that frequent this little Island we call Great Britain. It can be quite repressive the weather here, but when it's sunny it's beautiful and instantly puts you in a good mood although that was slightly marred today with my parents buying this garden chair swing type thing, actually I don't think it's meant for swinging on but once my Dad and I had assembled it for my Mum it was really comfortable ! ( I am the Queen of flat pack assembly as I am an Ikea addict ) I am crazily making loads of things this bank holiday weekend starting with this small selection of miniature shoes. I used to make them years ago, mainly out of paper and sell them all packaged up in their own decorated shoe box and I have decided to start again now with all the recently acquired inspiration I have enjoyed since starting this blog and joining Flickr. Here is a little peak at some of the things that are work in progress this weekend...

These are only about 3-4 inches long and are made from raw silk, satin and cottons that I bought from a beautiful shop called the Cloth House in Berwick Street ( Old and expensive )
I am going to make that London Blog I talked about a while ago because there are so many great secret shabby style shops here and the whole of London sits on top of itself where you can walk down a busy road and pass a small opening which is an alley way to loads of brilliant little shops all old and historic and beautiful, it's a bit like the bit in Harry Potter ( the first one) where Hagrid takes Harry to get his school things-London is like that ! and it's also amazing when you're walking around certain areas or streets that have a specific known history, ie Clerkenwell/ Jack the Ripper, to think that these things were real and happened right here where I may be standing...I'll stop for now as it's late and I'm talking about creepy stuff..

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