Saturday, 23 August 2008

Writing a book....

I have made a few more of my mini canvases with a retro vintage feel to them, for example 'good times together' is sweetie based and has a black and white old photo of my mum and her siblings, 'time for tea' has lace and muted colours with old fashioned paper. All my work over the last few months has been based on mini canvases and they have been received quite well with lots of lovely comments from lots of talented people which is even more flattering , so this has led me to seriously consider writing some sort of craft book which I would like to do, I might start with a zine but I could always look into printing and publishing my own book even if I sold a couple it would be a great boost to my confidence in my artwork. I may take an advice poll on flickr..

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  1. Your projects are just lovely!! You've perfectly captured that vintage feel.