Sunday, 30 November 2008

Thanks guys ..........!

Hey, I just wanted to say thanks for everyones support and comments, thank god you didn't all think I was some mad rambling fool and that there are other people just like me so I am reletively normal it seems and not alone ! That rant made me feel better and so did your words. So I have issued myself a blog challenge, as I am off work for a few days to get ready for my craft fair I am busy making lots of stuff and it's not easy as I have too many ideas already and keep getting more as I go along and there is not enough time in the day... but as I have had your support I am going to post a blog every day next week long or short just to show progress and say anything that comes into my are a couple of pictures of what I have done so far.. my christmas theme this year is bright and colourful with black and white and also a pale natural coloured pretty vintage theme too which I picked up some supplies for today and will get cracking on that tomorrow too..

Cheerful christmas fabric birds..

Little fabric birds

Another cake

Some birdhouse boxes for packaging

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  1. those little birdies are so cute, you must be working like crazy!! have a great day- Lisa