Sunday, 30 November 2008

Thanks guys ..........!

Hey, I just wanted to say thanks for everyones support and comments, thank god you didn't all think I was some mad rambling fool and that there are other people just like me so I am reletively normal it seems and not alone ! That rant made me feel better and so did your words. So I have issued myself a blog challenge, as I am off work for a few days to get ready for my craft fair I am busy making lots of stuff and it's not easy as I have too many ideas already and keep getting more as I go along and there is not enough time in the day... but as I have had your support I am going to post a blog every day next week long or short just to show progress and say anything that comes into my are a couple of pictures of what I have done so far.. my christmas theme this year is bright and colourful with black and white and also a pale natural coloured pretty vintage theme too which I picked up some supplies for today and will get cracking on that tomorrow too..

Cheerful christmas fabric birds..

Little fabric birds

Another cake

Some birdhouse boxes for packaging

Thursday, 27 November 2008

Does anyone read my blog ?

Hello, okay I never really intended this blog to be a diary of my life but just of my creativity and projects that I do. I have taken the next few days off from my soul destroying job to make lots of stuff for my Christmas Etsy fair in London on saturday the 6th December, but I have to have a little moan just to release some tension as I normally keep my true emotions or feelings about things to myself and I really don't want to turn my blog into a moan but I HATE MY JOB, I work in a bank and I can't cope anymore I don't want to get another job for the sake of it, I want to get a job in the creative sector I have been to art college etc and I just cannot find a job in any bit of it.
I want to teach classes and write books but I have only the weekends really as I am out of the house for 12 hours at least a day, up at 5.30am and go to bed at 12pm as I can't not do any artwork in the evening at all as it is the only thing keeping me going so I would rather go to bed late to do some and be tired than not at all.....and sometimes I don't know whether I should
update this blog regularly as I don't know if anyone reads it at all unless they leave a message for me ( thanks to you who do and lisa and chinamommy).

I am 30 and single which I am happy with but sometimes gets me down a bit late at night when you think a bit too much and although I am only 30 I have been thinking about how I am wasting my life and that I am going to die one day and just not be here anymore which is really freaky when you think about it and is a bit morbid and only happens late at night (doesn't stop me sleeping, nothing does I'm lucky like that) .. Ok, that's enough freaking out, sorry if that was a bit weird I am fine just wanted to rant a bit, so back to normality...

Hello anyone at all who reads this here is my new range of stuff that I am quite excited about and will be selling at my christmas fair, I have been working on ideas for absolutely ages and have notebooks filled with hundreds of sketches etc.. that I do at work or on the train and then when I get a magazine normally Somerset Studios I find it amazing how other crafters have the same ideas for example the cakes although my are quite bright there are ones similar in Cloth paper and scissors magazine, but here are some pics..

A lot of this is going to be on etsy and some already is...

Still keeping in touch with the vintage feel..

I have put this in because I thought it was gorgeous, I have a members card for Liberty's in London and this came in the post yesterday it is a discount offer etc and the design is fab it is all vintage circus and wonderful artwork and has inspired me to make a few things....

These are just a few of the new books I have bought in the last month and they are all brilliant..

I have decided to get into sewing a bit more and am going to make some fabric versions of my signature birds, some fabric versions of the cakes and some quilts, fabric journals and some more stitching in my art and I have lots of ideas for shadow boxes which I will post as soon as they are done which I hope will be while I am off work...

I have also put more pictures of my room up with my new purchases, my christmas projects are going to be very bright colourful and fun..

I love these threads that I bought they are fab colours and have a wonderful sheen to them !

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Colourful inspiration

Okay, I am a bit under the weather at the moment but I am determined to get some stuff done today at least seeing as I just wasted sunday and monday sick in bed.

I have been surrounded by colourful inspirations this month as you can see from my new pieces and I have had some luck with raw materials too, such as finding an old tobbacco shop which sells off its empty cigar boxes for charity, so many different types shapes sizes ets for £2 each, I bought loads and have only used two or three so far, they are all so different.

I have also bought some brilliant books recently which I keep going over and over so I am going to make a list on the side of my blog of my favourite books although I may just take a picture as there are so many...

I am doing another 'we make' craft fair of British Etsy shop owners in December so I am busy thinking up new stuff to make to sell there which will be on Tottenham Court road, London which crosses Oxford Street so hopefully it will get lots of tourists in too...