Friday, 22 May 2009

She Dreams ! :)

Hello guys, I am sorry that I haven't kept up with my blog but I have been a little distracted and I have been trying to finish my artwork so that I actually have something to put on here..also the Formula 1 season has well and truly kicked off so I will be doing some paintings of that too soon ( haven't done any for ages !) need to get back to my sports painting roots..

Check out the the end of this blog for a beautiful poem 'She dreams' which Brian wrote, see what you think !

Ok, here are some pics of what I have been up to so far... and here are some pictures I found on the net (which I do not have any copyright over or anything) they shoe exactly the type of place i want to live in, in Nice, I am making a mood board today reflecting all my goals and where I want to be in the next 1-2 years ! I know you are all probably bored with me going on about it all the time but I will get there and be able to take pictures of my own and post them from my laptop while I am in my infinity edge pool or from my boat in Monaco :) I wish !

There are also the usual therapy pics of me and also a poem that a friend wrote that I thought was so lovely ( even though sometimes I have a little trouble with the deep ones- roses are red etc is more my level :) but see what you think !

She Dreams ..

She looks like an angel
Beautiful eyes that look through you
Wings that stretch but yet don’t fly
Waiting for her dreams to come into view

Beneath the fortress lay her heart
Wanting, needing, but not yet ready
To let love in and hold her softly
With gentle hands so steady

Tomorrow breaths in a new day
Another chance to earn her wings
To soar away on a gentle wind
The horizon holds a new beginning

As shapeless as a changing cloud
Wishes take form over time
Believe in your journey lovely
All your dreams will be realized.

Brian 4/20/09


  1. you know i have been checking daily for a new post... whewww, finally! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the new artwork, you DO need to write a book! and... when you get that pool can i come over & swim?

  2. H ha ha thanks, and of course you can :) x