Monday, 11 May 2009

The List .....

On the inspiration of a friend I have decided to make two lists, one of things that make me go 'Hmmm' and one of things that make me go 'mmmm'......

Things that make me go Hmmmm!

1. The dreaded going to work.
2. Getting artists block or too many ideas to put into action.
3. Knocking over a new bottle of dark brown distress ink all over the beige rug, carpet and my leg.
4. Spilling tea all over my new art books.
5. Falling asleep at my desk after a marathon over night craft session and having paper stuck to my face.
6. My cat coughing up a fur ball five minutes before I go out on my first date in 2 years.
7. Realising I have glued the wrong side of the collage paper.
8. Sewing my new fabric journal to my leg.
9. Blue eyed American guys hanging up on me !

Actually I think I should have called this things that make me go aarrrgggghhhhhh

Things that make me go Mmmm !

1. Oreo biscuits/cookies
2. Newly bought craft stuff.
3. Nice paper and pens.
4. Daydreams of a blue eyed American guy.
5. Daniel Craig.
6. David Beckham.
7. Hot chocolate with whipped cream.
8. Holidaying in the south of France.
9. Day trips to Paris.
10. Kiefer Sutherland.
11. A Blue eyed American guy telling me he missed me today.

So there feel free to comment or tell me your own lists !

This weekend was so lovely it was sunny and warm (for England) so I took some pictures of the garden...

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  1. love your list! your garden is so pretty, mine is starting to pop out of the cold Michigan ground... finally!!
    i've been out of the loop, but i'm back!!