Saturday, 29 August 2009

New stuff !

Hey guys...keeping my promise for at least one blog post per week although I may add another this weekend...I have spent the last few weeks doing my business plan and making lots and lots of notes etc so that I can makeover my Etsy shop with loads of new stuff. The things in the picture above are some of the new things I will be putting in my shop and there are lots still to come that I will be working on today and hopefully post on Flickr..
I am making lots of bright and colourful things but I am going to make some more pastel coloured and shabby chic stuff soon.
What has been keeping me going recently is reading the 'give up your day job' articles on Etsy where they interview people who have started selling their art on Etsy and now make a living from it and enough to actually turn it into a business...I am determined that this will be me some time next year !

Also I watched 'Amelie' the other week and 'oh my god'...I love that is absolutely brilliant and I had a huge smile on my face for ages after watching it ... and it gave me an idea which I think I have already mentioned about in a previous post but will actually get started on this weekend, so that will probably be my other post.
And I am going to update my Craftzine with two projects this weekend as it has been ages since I did and I really can't believe it has been that long :D

Right, I have to go to the library in a minute to get some books on Peonies as I have a commission for a couple of large paintings to do soon....

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  1. big paintings? good for you!! we MUST chat soon!! too much time has passed & you probably are married & have 6 brats, i mean kids by now!
    Checking for that new tutorial on the crafty blog.....