Friday, 25 December 2009

It's Christmas !!!!

Have a wonderful Christmas guys and a brilliant New year !! here's to's gonna be my year baby !!!!! xxx

Sunday, 20 December 2009

Is it Christmas already ?????

Oh my Gosh, I can't believe how quickly Christmas has come around, or how quickly the year has gone by for that much has happened this year, not really in the right areas of my life that I want but hopefully that will change next year, well I mean it WILL change next year, 2010 is all mine baby !!!!!!
I have haven't done any Christmas stuff this year..I have been so busy recently that it has sort of crept up on me, but I have made a couple of cards and a small chunky scrapbook that I intend to fill with stuff from this year..
Also here are some more small books but this time in their own little be available on Etsy soon along with lots more stuff for the new year, in a week or so once I have finished some samples I will be writing a long post with pictures of new stuff for 2010 and I'll be revamping all my sites and next week (maybe even tomorrow if I can get it done) I will be posting a last giveaway for the end of the year and I have decided that with my new found organising for 'Little Miss Crafty' designs I hope to post a giveaway each month from January so please pop back......

I have made a card and mini scrapbook with papers and cut outs from 'My minds Eye' ..I have made a cute little pop out card for my parents with a ribbon tie and a scrapbook using a zutter which is such a cool little tool to have, you can make any type of books you want !

Thursday, 3 December 2009

Just a little note........

Despite being a little poorly this past week I have found the energy to make some cute little hand stitched mini journals.....and a few more trinket boxes which will be on Etsy too..

I have become a little obsessed with 'The Hills' too, I have series 1-5 and I am not sure why, I am fascinated by it and my favourite is Audrina because I feel like I make the same silly decisions with my own versions of 'Justins' and seem to be quite unlucky in the guy department, not for the want of trying mind you...relationships just don't seem to be my 'thing' although being treated like crap does seem to be a special gift of mine ! Oh well, even though I am a realist there is a little bit of me that still hopes I will meet my Prince one day...maybe.......

This may be why my latest creations of trinket boxes and journals etc have little quotes and words about love and Princesses etc on them...
I am also going back to my illustration roots and will be designing some little drawings and prints which hopefully you will all like....2010 is going to be my year with so many things I want to achieve rather than just plan to do !