Thursday, 7 January 2010

Start as you mean to go on...........

It's a new year so one resolution is not to procrastinate and so far (touch not like that ! ...dirty ) I have managed to keep on top of things (wow this post isn't going well) and manage the projects i set myself and have made lots of notes and plans ready for a really positive re-vamp of my Etsy shop and an overhaul of all my other sites..and yes more regular blog posts......and more exciting more giveaways !! yeeeeeeay ! I hear you shout...I hope to post at least once a week if possible and do monthly giveaways !!! (I am aware I have said this before but I am more organised now)
Ok on to new are some pics of bits I have done over the last two weeks or so, some of my new 'fancy atc's', tags and jewellery !

Here is the diary that I bought too (you know the one i bought out of impulse and fear of selling out !) I am going to add some shabby bits to it, charms etc and decorate the pages inside as I go along so that I have something cool to keep and look back on ....


  1. you know i can pester you to death about keeping good on your word to update this lovely blog of yours! Again: those bracelets are SO adorable, really, i LOVE them & just so you know, my birthday is in Feb!....:)

  2. ha ha ha...I KNOW ! I don't mind as long as i have one lovely reader :D

  3. OMGosh, your blog is completely awesome. And your cat is adorable, I have to tabbies and one akita dog. Keep the amazing crafts up :D