Saturday, 1 May 2010

It's here !

ok, about 10 minutes ago I was sitting here watching Transformers..brilliant and doing little bits and piece at my desk, working on projects and ideas when I heard a thud at the front door, great probably more bills I thought ! but no, it was my free issue of 'Cloth Paper Scissors' with my little article in it ! woooooo hooooooo so here are the pictures I just took of it and it has my name ! my name !!!!!!
I love this magazine :D

Also here are the pictures of my go at soldering, yes I know I broke the glass, probably when I dropped it after dropping a piece of solder on my leg which burnt through my joggers ! and has left a small red 'freckle' on my thigh !
See not too bad a lot smoother and neater...i am going to have a go again this weekend.


  1. JUST got home and my issue was here!!!! So happy for you- fame and fortune awaits!

  2. Congratulations!:)

  3. Congratulations, Juliet! Well deserved. I love your little houses and all you pieces.