Saturday, 3 July 2010

This is my 3rd post in about 3 days !! 'stuff I have bought'

I made an ATC tin today and a couple of ATC's with some new papers I have bought, thought I'd show you, I also bought a copy of Romeo and Juliet so I could use my name loads !!! :)

I cannot tell you how much stuff I have for my crafting...I hardly ever buy new clothes unless it's T-shirts and joggers so that I can get paint on them etc and not mind.... It is almost out of control and I cant really tidy up anymore because there is nowhere else for it all to go and i hardly have used any of it but it is comforting to know it's there if I want it..seriously tonnes of stamps and I hardly ever use stamping but they are so wicked that I keep telling myself that I will use them for this and that.... stacks of papers, some I either double up on if they are really nice or I try not to use to much of the nice ones in case I use it up and can't get any more..maybe I need a craftaholic's group to go to and confess my sins of buying too much stuff !!! in fact I may set up a blog for it ! I am going to show you pics of stuff that I have bought in the last few weeks, papers, glitters (still sealed and unopened but gorgeous and if I hadn't bought them I would still be thinking of them now !) stamps...unused, etc, there is so much more and an absolute tonne of Tim Holtz stuff that I really will use in some future shabby chic, vintage 'how to make' projects that will be available on Etsy.... I have ribbons and embellishments, chipboards and the list goes on.... I would take a picture of my room if I wasn't so ashamed of the untidyness of it..stuff is everywhere..anyway here's the pics of what I have bought recently....


  1. Lucky me! You cannot see what I have and did not use yet, but your thins are very beautiful. You never knows.
    with love,

  2. Oh you are NOT alone!! i think a lot of us artist types have a minor hoarding problem :) haha! You never know what you'll need and just as soon as you throw it out, you MUST have it!
    I have those glitters too... i just like to sit and look and them somedays :)

  3. I added you to my blog addresses! Love your blog!

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