Sunday, 24 October 2010

Robots and houses and birds..oh my !!

Oh my gosh I have been meaning to write a post for ages but I wanted to finish these projects I was working on at the time so I had something to show you :)
But firstly now it is out in print I can tell you that my Glitter edge decorations are in the Christmas issue of Cloth Paper Scissors can you believe that ?? they asked me to do an article based on my decorations so I did those and a banner in the same style, I hope you all like it, I was and still am so excited, I am also having one of my house bead bracelets featured in an article of 'The Doll House' magazine in a gift buying guide section, not sure how big the picture is but once it is published I will take a pic and add it here, same with the Cloth Paper Scissors article :)

Well that's my exciting news anyway so here to the projects I have been making, I love making my little houses and have made some new little house crafts/trinkets/ornaments

.. not sure what to call them ! and I have also developed a little obsession for Robots ! they are so cool and I have got some stamps, wrapping paper and other little robot based items recently to help with my inspiration, the ATC designs are still in my head but I have made some little models like my houses this weekend...

I have two more house bead bracelets here and there are more to come, all of this stuff i have posted today is going in my Etsy shop.

And here are some items that I have had fun with, a bird nest complete with birds, bird cages that will go on sale too, some Halloween based stuff and a dolls house that I have designed and made myself, I will be doing an online project for similar based designs which will go on sale here and on Etsy soon and I will also be doing a Christmas based project as an online purchase and a simpler project on my Juliet's Craftzine site ..when I have figured all this out I will post it asap...hopefully within the next 3 weeks it should be completed..

Well I still have to dry my hair, do my nails and go to bed as it's 10.30pm now and I also have to get my uniform for work ironed and my bag sorted so night night for now :)


  1. I love every single one. Those robots are adorable!

  2. WOW you've been a busy BEE!!! Everything is ADORABLE, love it!! Just got my magazine and was so excited when I saw your FEATURED artwork!!! Fabulous work, my friend!!!

  3. Congrats. The robots are adorable.
    I have to get every issue of that magazine. I don't have that one yet.

    The little houses and birds are so cute, too.

  4. OoOoOh these are all so wonderful, I love the colours you work with, so vibrant and cheerful, I am especially loving the tiny chick in the last pic, soOoOO sweet!
    Congrats on all the press coverage too, you a supastaaar!

  5. Congratulations! (I love that magazine) Your little houses are just dreamy!