Monday, 13 December 2010

Little Miss Crafty's Grotto !!

I feel like one of Santa's Elves that is in a workshop all year long making loads and loads of stuff ! I have been making so much and it feels like the days just disappear, a whole weekend gone in the blink of an eye ! I think we need at least another 5 hours in a day or at least a weekend.
Well here are the fruits of my labour so far, I am doing more little models and I have also started making a new range of dolls (yes this is all in conjunction with the thousands of other projects that I have going at the moment and have blogged about in the last few months !)

I love Graffiti and Manga style art so I have spent a weekend designing a doll with lots of re-drawn templates and patterns and little sketch dolls in different shapes and sizes lying around till I got the shape I wanted, I did the eyes in a manga style to add a little character to them and I have so much more stuff designed on this basis that will have to be blogged about another day when I have pictures of it too.

As you can see I still have a few half naked little dolls which will have a more colourful makeover so look out for that !
And i have added a couple of pics of my desk with its work in progresses !
I love it when I get comments so please leave one even if it's just to say Hi, just so I know I am not just talking to myself or Chinamommy :) xx


  1. well...even though it is only me, I had to say "WOW, Cute stuff!!!!" You've been a busy bee!! We'll chat soon, I promise :)

  2. Wow you have been busy! Love love the little gingerbread men, they're so cute! Keep up your fab blog and crafty goodness.

  3. Lovely work...just found you on Etsy and your blog...I will make sure to come back often. Love the manga dolls! light and love-amanda