Sunday, 9 May 2010

Tiny house jewellery...

This weekend i have been getting high on paint and varnish fumes but it has been worth it as I have started making more of my new 'Little house' jewellery. Here is a custom made necklace complete with houses, shops and hearts, I have more beads and am still putting them together as we speak which will go up on Etsy asap, tonight if I can and there are some really wicked bead designs, not just houses and shops so pop over to my shop to find out !

Saturday, 8 May 2010

It's here ! Part two !!

So here is the second magazine that I have been featured in....oooh it looks sooo good ! The articles are of a little clay heart pot and my Jacob's ladder, I am already working on projects for the next issue, it's a great new magazine that I suggest you start buying, if you click on the picture of it on the right hand side of this blog it will take you to it's website and other publications they produce...
I was so excited this morning when I saw it, it loos really professional, can't wait to see my stuff in the next one, I get mine from Hobbycraft...

Also here are a couple of pictures of some foam based embellishments that I am making for sale in my Etsy shop and don't forget to visit my Etsy shop and see all the different things I have for sale there, from jewellery to crafts, hair accessories and artwork !

Saturday, 1 May 2010

It's here !

ok, about 10 minutes ago I was sitting here watching Transformers..brilliant and doing little bits and piece at my desk, working on projects and ideas when I heard a thud at the front door, great probably more bills I thought ! but no, it was my free issue of 'Cloth Paper Scissors' with my little article in it ! woooooo hooooooo so here are the pictures I just took of it and it has my name ! my name !!!!!!
I love this magazine :D

Also here are the pictures of my go at soldering, yes I know I broke the glass, probably when I dropped it after dropping a piece of solder on my leg which burnt through my joggers ! and has left a small red 'freckle' on my thigh !
See not too bad a lot smoother and neater...i am going to have a go again this weekend.