Saturday, 15 January 2011

What a start !

Hope you all had a fabulous new year... I am in a very positive place right now, I decided to have a change of how I view things even though last year was really good in terms of getting my work 'out there' etc.. generally I felt I needed other things to change and quicker, so after a lot of umming and ahhhing (if that's how they are spelt ??) as I am generally a.. well not pessimist as such but I always stay on the side of caution shall we say and try not to be over enthusiastic in case it doesn't work out but as I said I thought I should have a change and read 'The Secret'.....and you know what, I am still reading it but it really did put me in a better mood, more positive, believing and enthusiastic about what I want and that I will actually get it and soon, and like it suggests in the book I felt more positive and good things started to happen, could it have been coincidence ? maybe, maybe not but I do believe that

everything happens for a reason and so I am going to continue with this philosophy and I have just bought today her new book 'The Power' so that when I finish 'The Secret' I will read that and maybe I will have everything I want at the end of the year ...

can't wait to find out and look back but even more so I can't wait to experience all the good things that ARE going to happen.....

Now to the first exciting thing this year... My first magazine article in Making Jewllery magazine it is in their readers gallery showing a few pics of my stuff and contact details, I already have an article for a different magazine next month and it is my plan to have an article every month in a magazine if I can ! lots of work but it will be worth it :)

Have a wonderful day :) xxx


  1. Saw that artical and your work is fab!

  2. do is "the secret" really a secret? Never heard of it!
    Yeah for you and your magazine work!!! Remember me when you're famous!