Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Little Bubby Darlings !

Well they are finally finished, my new product line of 'Little Bubby darlings' which are knitted fellows that will keep you company wherever you go... They come in the form of brooches, necklaces and rings !! and will also be available soon as a bracelet... Please ignore my hand in one picture, it was really dry so it looks old but I have since moisturised and it has gone back to it's youthfulness !!!

I am in the process as we speak of adding them to my Etsy shop please hang in there with me because there are lots and I am also adding the finished hand painted bangles !!

I have a problem...with ideas....not that I don't have any or it's hard but... I have too many ! I am constantly thinking of new things to make and create, new designs etc etc and yes it is a good thing to have lots of ideas but it is also soooo annoying because I am unable to get them all out so I am constantly working on about 10 different things at once and as soon as one thing, for example the Bubby Darlings, I thought of it, created them and now they are done.. I already have an idea for some baby accessories as I recently became an Auntie and am spending more time around kiddie stuff which previously I didn't, so now when I see baby stuff I automatically think I could do something like that or better than that etc etc so I am in the process of designing and making cool baby shoes/booties with matching headbands, room accessories/decorations and as i sit here I literally have just thought about maybe designing some little summer dresses and hair accessories and maybe some cool little hand designed t-shirts....Hmmm have I said too much ? ok I'll shush, get it done and post pics when they are ready !

Just to let you know I will also have a proper website with links to all my stuff and I am also finishing adult headbands, jewellery, bags and fabric based wristbands and necklaces all in my signature bright colours :D

So here are some pics and I will be posting a giveaway on Friday so stay tuned...which leads nicely to the fact that I will be starting my own project tutorials which can be purchased via my new website and Etsy shop, there will be written instructions and videos where I talk you through and show you the whole project ;) and I will probably ramble on about my day too but that's included for free !

Well I am going to continue uploading my new stuff on Etsy as it is 10pm here now and look at that..Rambo III has just started.. wicked !

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  1. OH MY GOSHHHHHHHHHHHH, those are SOOOOOOOO stinkin' cute!!!! Honestly, your work just keeps getting better and better and better!!! Wishing you GREAT success!!!! Don't knock the old lady hands, that's how mine look all winter...sexy!