Monday, 29 August 2011

New for 2011..ooohhhh I hear you say

Hello my fruity little friends, I hope you have had a wonderful week :) anyway..I am going to update you with a few new things that I have been creating and that are on sale here !
I am going to make more hair accessories but I have finished a few glittery ones as you can see but more in my bright style will be available soon and I will post pics here when done hopefully next week, there are also more kitsch and kawaii stuff as you can see from my wicked and unique costume jewellery, a Horse head pendant necklace and Butterfly triple pendant necklace and the cute Pyjama Bubby earrings which I am listing today !!

I am just off to hunt for some dinner, shouldn't be too hard as I am a veggie and vegetables can't run away (except runner beans ha ha, oh gosh did I actually say that ?...yes, yes I did :S)
I love reading comments and haven't had any for a while so please make my day and say hello or something :D

ciao xx


  1. Those hair bands are lovely and your bracelet is soooo cute!

  2. is so cool :)

  3. HELLO!
    the bear bracelet is ADORABLE!!!!!!!! are you just on etsy or are you selling other places now?????

  4. Oh I'm all over the place, I'm international don't you know ha ha ha