Monday, 5 December 2011

Christmas past...

Hey peeps... I was going through my uploaded pics and I came across some stuff from past Christmases that I thought I would like to post again. I also have something of a freebie for you all this month which will hopefully turn into a monthly thing if the first one goes well, the first will be free but I will let you know when it is all finished which should be this week.. :) I have also got back into my painting this week and last week, I haven't painted an actual canvas painting for ages as a piece of art anyway that isn't somehow based on my characters etc, here are some bases I have painted on my canvases ready for more layers..can't tell a lie though at least a couple will be character based, can't help it I love weirdness..

I am organising all my new ideas and projects for next year ready to start from the 1st Jan straight off the blocks..

It is also going to be the first Christmas without my best friend Reggie :( (his brother ronnie died a few years ago too) who died this may out of the blue, I talk about him still so it's easier to deal with but I miss him everyday I uploaded a pic and a video which was weirdly the same day last year, the 5th Dec !!! how strange was it that I chose that or that it was filmed on the same date.. i put it of Facebook but I will put it here too.. Love you Ronnie and Reggie always xxx ( pic of reggie as I don't have a digital one of ronnie :( ..)

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