Tuesday, 3 January 2012

A Colourful New Year

I have been working on this mixed media piece for a week and it is almost done.

I love colour (you may have noticed) and patterns and embellishments, I am working on a lot of colourful projects and designs for my new shop stock this year so don't forget about the 50% sale I have now on the current stock because when it's gone it's gone !
I am also working on some shabby chic and 'lost trinket' style projects too which will be fun as you will see when they are ready for posting.
2011 was a good year although it did have it's bad bits, the biggest was my gorgeous Reggie suddenly passing away, I still miss him everyday and wish he was here for me to cuddle :(
Also I want to thank everyone who read my blog, bought my items, liked my facebook pages and who has said such lovely things about my work and wished me well on this venture to leave work and start my own business, it will have it's up and downs but you can't put a price on happiness :)
I have so much more to tell you and I am working on projects right this second so I'll probably blog tomorrow too..oh and I have just joined instagram so I still have to put pics up on that.


  1. I love this intricate pattern and the beautiful colors you have chosen.

  2. colorful indeed. i really like them!:)