Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Christmas Cracker Tutorial

'Joy to the world'....... today I have mostly been making Christmas crackers... I have just uploaded a video here on how to make these and it starts with the paper already marked out to save a little time and desk space :) I have drawn out the template below, this is based on a tube that is from giftwrap and measures 3.5cm wide and the tube is 7cm long so a little smaller than a toilet roll but the formula can be translated easily.. see pic and comment if you don't understand :) I hope you like them, there are loads of tutorials for them out there so this is just another but in my style :)
You will need..
Basic craft tools such as,
craft knife
double sided tape
pva glue
shredder scissors although you can just use a knife or plain scissors these just save time

Pretty papers
embellishments for decoration
cracker snaps
ribbon or string to tie up ends
paper hats
written out jokes or messages
toys, gifts
cardboard tubes


My next tutorial will be glitter globes...

I will be doing a Christmas issue mag as quickly as I can go to my link on the right for the first 'icraft' issue and for my shop where I have lots of new goodies for sale but please note there are LOADS more on my facebook page in folders that I haven't uploaded to any shop yet so go look :)

Have a great day xxxx and let me know if you are able to comment on this blog via a comment left here or on my facebook page or email as I have had loads of people saying they are unable to comment on my posts :(


  1. Oh my gosh, I can't wait to try the crackers! Re: the supplies... what are "cracker snaps" and do you have any idea where we might find some? Thank you sooooooo much, I LOVE your blog!

    Sheila in Oregon

  2. Hey Sheila, thank you you're so sweet :) the crackers snaps are the things that make the crackers bang ! you can get them from most craft shops now, big ones like hobby craft or department stores that do haberdashery and even some paperchases.. thats the uk though if you in the States you may have to google them or get them online maybe :) x actually I did hear that 'Michaels' does them I don't know what that is but they do them

  3. Oh, thank you SO much for taking the time to write! Michael's it is, then and if I find more somewhere else, I'll let you know in case anyone else asks.

    Happiest of Holidays!

    Sheila in Oregon, US