Wednesday, 30 January 2013

2013 the year so far........

Well hello my lovely peeps, I hope the new year has been good to you so far :)
I am taking a little break from making stuff to blog and update my various online sites.  I have had a great start to the year with sales and thousands of new ideas (as usual) and trying to get them all from out of my head and at least onto paper but ideally into 3d, I have made a good start and here are a few pics to show you...

Another new passion from last year is Crochet, I love how easy it is and much better than knitting, although the fact that I can now spend so much money of different balls of wool instead of (or as well as) all the craft stuff I'm addicted too !  So don't be surprised to see crochet stuff and new embroidery designs for sale ;)

My tutorials are going to be lots of different things (just need to sort out content and organise dates for them) from simple handmade journals to artwork, jewellery making in clay, gift wrapping, making your own stationery, wedding accessories and seasonal stuff like Halloween and Christmas.  I will also make individual beads and charms to buy as I always get asked about single items and kits from scrapbooking, gift wrap and stationery etc these will all be available in my shops when they are finished and I will post about it to let you know.

This year is going to be all about tutorials, kits and projects.  I am going to do online tutorials along with a blog and face to face tutorials throughout the year in my studio, I am going to hopefully do a couple of 'making stuff parties' to those who want to book me for kids projects or grown ups.  I'll still make things to sell as I have too many ideas not too and want to keep my shops going, my most recent idea..the Retro Dolls, are being made into so many different things from prints to cards and jewellery etc 

I started an online magazine last year that you might have had a look at and is available on a link on the right of this page, 'icraft' magazine.. I am still going to keep this up, not sure how often yet as i am going to make a series of online books on lots of different subjects instead of doing a general one and these will be available to buy via my shops and again I'll post it on here, facebook, instagram and twitter so join me on all of those as I update them regularly now especially's so easy however I'm still getting the hang of the twitter thing, still don't really get it !! and Pin it just scared me...didn't want to get in trouble for pinning a pic without permission so I didn't bother but i think they have changed the policy which I need to read in which case I may suddenly become a pinning nutter !!!! which is also scary .. So on instagram I am 'littlemisscrafty'...twitter is 'julietmarshy' and there are links on this page to facebook and my magazine :)

I don't want to bore you too much for my first proper post this year so hope you like my pics, let me know what you think and join all my links as I listed above :) xx


  1. Bright and darling and cheerful, colorful and uplifting. Thank you, I needed a big piece of joy tonight!

    one of your fave readers

  2. I didn't mean YOUR favorite, I meant you're one of MY favorites. Sheesh.

  3. Haha thanks :) I'm working on tutorials and online books at the moment..takes ages but I'm getting there, glad I could provide the joy :) xx