Tuesday, 3 December 2013

A Little look at my Studio

Hey hey, well I am struggling with my usual thousand ideas of stuff to make and do and in the midst of that I have been trying to sort out and decorate my studio.  I have to sort out decorating lots of boxes so that it look less of a mess..I do have a lot of stuff !  I'm working on making another issue of my online magazine 'icraft' with a view to doing it more regularly next year, maybe monthly or every two months hmmm have to think about it.  I am sorting out getting my workshops ready for people to sign up, probably next January now.  It is unbelievable how long th prep for all these projects takes before you can actually get to do something with it.

But for now I am going to post a few studio pics but remember this is not finished... more tidying to do...

One thing I was really pleased with was digging out my bike and F1 illustrations and paintings, some unfinished and getting them up on the wall, inspires me more with my drawing and makes me a little more focused and serious with being an artist :)

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