Friday, 18 April 2008

Fairytale Influence

Hello, I am so relaxed at the moment as I was off work yesterday and today spending the whole time making and crafting and painting and gluing and apart from the slight fumes due to the glue gun being on for pretty much the last 24 hours I have hit a creative high and am in a zone ! I have found a theme and range of crafts to create that I hope to put on this Etsy shop that I keep saying I am setting up.. I am really ! These are a few pictures of what I have spent the last two days locked away creating...

This is called "The Princess and the Pea" based on the fairytale. I had so much fun making it although I did have a lull for about one and a half hours whist deciding how to do the bed... but it is done now and I spent some time on the sewing machine making the duvets from different scraps of fabric and making the long headboard and painting it with crackle glaze, there is a lot of detail in this piece, including a beauty mark on the cheek of the bird, I will have to get a close up photo on flickr...

This is called the "Little white cupboard" it is approx an 8 x 10 inch box which I have turned into a shabby chic cupboard with crackle glaze, a small handle that I fashioned and inside

are vases of white shabby roses with pearls a vintage personal family photograph turned into an ATC which I put inside, the feet on the cupboard are large round crystal cut glass beads.

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  1. I really like the Little White Cupboard!! So cute!
    Donna (eweandme)