Monday, 21 April 2008

Etsy on the brain !

I have Etsy on the brain at the moment, I have so many things and I mean many things that I want to sell on Etsy but I haven't quite got it all how I want. I hate doing things half arsed, which means I sometimes take ages to get going... and this has been occupying a large part of my brain even to the extent that I am making a banner to photograph and use as the shop title and it's nearly done and I also had a bit of a change and went back to bag making and jewellery making this weekend, it was so much fun to spend time doing that again especially as I went to Liberty's London and managed to find the only place that sells Amy Butler fabric in England ! God, Liberty's is such a wonderful store right in the middle of London ( so posh that it has valet parking !) god knows where they park the cars is such a crowded busy place..

I was thinking of setting up another blog to note all the best crafty or arty etc... places in London that I have actually been to for example Ye Olde Curiosity Shop ( oldest shop in London ) which is behind a few back roads at work,The cloth house, one of the most vintage and beautiful old cloth shops in Berwick street London, VV Rouleaux a wonderful ribbon and trimmings shop old fashioned too.. etc etc all these places are a stones throw from me, the only places I haven't come across yet are junk shops. They tend to be collectors outlets so expensive antique shops, although I have heard of some proper junk shops in Greenwich ( will have to check that out ) actually I think I will do that, It would make some gorgeous pictures too especially as I would have to add Covent Garden too which I walk through everyday..

I also have plans to pop over to France every once in a while ( it's only an hour or so away-Euro tunnel or ferry or plane ! wicked ) and do the same there too.. I have a book on Parisian markets that got me started, just think of the finds and the pictures ! Ok I've rambled on enough, I'm off to make plans !


  1. Love your Etsy banner! Can't wait until it's up!! Have a good day, Lisa

  2. You know you are making us girls in the States green with envy! The bracelets are gorgeous and are making my heart pitter patter! I really love that Marie Antoinette one.

  3. Hello, just stopping by, to visit your blog and I love love love it!
    I will be adding it to my blog asap!
    Magic and Joy!

  4. Hi! Little Miss Crafty
    Hey I'm a Londoner too - born and bred! I love Covent Garden, London Walks, junk shops, flea markets - so I can relate to what you're saying. I love your blog and will be adding you to my links.
    Have a great day!