Sunday, 27 April 2008

It's finally done !

This is the finished banner for the shop but because of cropping you only see the middle bit, was really hacked off about that !

I've done it, I created the banner and just a few moments ago I have added the first few things to the shop at ETSY ! I haven't finished yet I think I have about another 30 things or more to put on but it's midnight now and I can barely focus plus I'm stressing over trying to find another job but not just a job, a job in which I can use my art..anyway, it was quite daunting to start with because I had to figure out delivery prices for here and overseas, thank god for Royal mail on line.. oh yeah I've just seen that I owe the library almost a fiver in fines as I have the max amount of books out and misread the return date which was a week ago.. how bloody annoying is that ! Well you are all welcome to check out the shop, called Little Miss Crafty's Curiosity shop.. my member name is craftymissjuliet, sorry haven't got the energy to find the link address, I will post it tomorrow and on my flickr profile too... I will leave you with a couple of pictures and I am off to bed now.. night, night ! hang on I still had a tab up the address

This is another picture, it's off of my sketchbook actually and I was thinking of maybe making a few banners like the one on this page too and changing them every once in a while !


  1. the banner is great -nice job. even though it cropped more than you thought, it is still really cool. i hearted your shop too!

  2. ooolala....loving it..<3

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