Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Day 2 !

Today has been crap ! I spent all day in my pyjamas which was good but I got practically nothing done, I had lots of ideas but didn't know what I felt like actually making so I read craft magazines and books all day as well as the odd dvd and it is now 10.15pm and I have nothing to show for it and the fair is on saturday. I have to go in to work tomorrow which is making me feel sick thinking about it but I have thursday and friday off. But I also sold three items over the last couple of days which is good. I think I have annoyed a customer though as I put the wrong email down for a paypal account on one of my sites and I spent the last two hours or more sending paypal and the customer messages about trying to reverse the payment, it turns out after I called paypal that I had another account with that email address after all which I don't remember opening so I didn't need to send any of those messages or hassle them at all, I bet they wont buy anything again after that, I'm such an idiot sometimes.
I have also realised a problem with they way I make things and what I create, I am too focused on what I think will sell and what people will buy when really I should just make what I like however long it takes and sell that, I am a bit too obsessed with creating a viable business asap rather than becoming a recognised crafter or artist and getting sales and interest through that..
Anyway here is the only thing that I have completed today, embroidery on one of the larger white velvet and silk birds...
Conan the Barbarian is on at the moment too , how rubbish is this film !

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  1. man, it's so nice to hear someone else say that about making what they think will sell... it's so true. i always think that if i make PINK and PASTEL things that they will sell and i am not a pink/pastel girl at all. i actually stopped adding things to my etsy for right now until i can come to terms that i need to make things that I like, Nd eventually people will like my style. there is a market out there for everyone and people love your style, so stick with it!!! have a great day, juliet! lisa