Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Day 3 !

Heeeeeellllllllllllooooooooooooooooo.. today was awful at work felt sick the night before knowing I was going in..but that's it, no more, I have decided that I have wallowed and moaned enough and I have to take a more proactive approach to getting things done and take my own advice for a change, (although I'm sure I will have another moan at some point)

Things to do ...

1. I am going to add to my blog on a regular basis and make it look more professional
2. I am going to write up a 'creative timetable' to keep me organised and motivated
3. I am going to send off submissions to magazines
4. I am going to do more to market my work
5. I am going to write a book (or two)
6. I am going to keep up with replies and comments on flickr and my blog and get more 'involved'
7. I am going to try and start an 'Artfest' UK event
8. I am going to try and teach classes
9. Make a success of my business so I can do it full time !
10. I am going to find my style
11. I will take better more magazine like pictures of my work
(12. ......and lose 3 stone !)

I have given myself loads of challenges so that I can at least accomplish a few in 2009, they are not really resolutions but a plan and I hope that you will all get on my back and hassle me because I have no will power sometimes and I need harassment !

There a happier more positive post and I am going to get on with making stuff I enjoy tomorrow rather than what I think other people will like.

As I like to put pictures on my blog posts but haven't any new ones today I will add these oldtime 'royalty free' dover book images that you can use, I am not sure how they will come out your end but have a go if it doesn't work very well I will try again next time..I have loads of these dover book I can't keep out of the place, they have a HUGE book for £120 which I am sorely tempted to buy on the history of the 'Circus' and it is packed with pictures I must get it for myself for Christmas !

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  1. Hey Juliet! I would LOVE to do a swap with you! I love your art so much! What did you have in mind??? By the way, those are great goals, I wish I had the will power to make & keep goals... Lisa
    {my email:}