Monday, 15 December 2008

Reverse restoration !

I am going back to vintage for a little bit as I have bought some wonderful little bits recently from charity shops for example this little handmade cupboard which was £3.95, what a steal ! and I call it reverse restoration as it was made to look shabby and worn and old..shabby chic..
Firstly I painted it cream, then a pale green and finally a turquoise which was then rubbed down with sand paper. A layer of crackle glaze and then rubbed with dark brown ink and a gold stamp pad then polished off with a cloth, then added brads on the handle fronts I haven't totally finished as I intend to paint vintage flowers on the top and door fronts.

I also found the wonderful things sitting on top if it at the famous Covent Garden market in London which I walk past every day but mondays are definitely the best day with all the vintage book stalls, jewellery, trinkets, crockery, block printing stamps of all types and the boxes to put them in (that are rich dark browns with bronze metal details ) which themselves can be altered. A small trinket box with tiny glass bottles inside, a vintage crochet round cloth, a (plastic I think) cameo pin which I already have plans for and a glass decorative ink well which looks like a small vase or bowl.

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