Sunday, 15 February 2009

Fabric collage crazy !

WOOOO HOOOOOO.. hello firstly check out my Etsy site I have just added cute little collage fabric brooches and a couple fabric journals I have been sewing like mad and still have to put more stuff on. Also from now until the end of march anything you buy from my Etsy whether one or more things they will have FREE SHIPPING ! :)

I have also been making some more of my journal art which I am really on a mission to get turned into prints, greeting cards and bags so watch this space as I am getting some samples made up in the next few weeks... I am also trying to get more exposure this year so I am thinking about trying to do a few 'How to.." classes in my area I just have to find somewhere to do it, home is not an option hmmm not easy but I might check out the "village" type church hall at the end of my road well if you don't ask you don't get !

I am still finishing my cousins cd cover designs and two swaps projects which I really need to post soon, all this and job hunting whilst still working for my horrible job :( I still feel like hiding in the toilet or going to lunch and not coming back, man I really need to win the lottery ! seriously £100,000 would really sort me out for good although I wouldn't turn my nose up at a few million, I could follow the Formula one racing around the world, buy a couple of houses, south of France ( preferably in Nice) and Monaco, a nice long art based travel around the states, anything my cat wants too and I suppose I could throw a few quid to my parents and brother..if I have to... they're lovely really, maybe £100 then :)
It could be ME ! (I better go and buy a ticket then..)

I will also publish the first post of how to make that ATC house on Juliet's Craftzine next week by thursday.....he he


  1. So darling! Keep it up, you're going to be famous, i can just feel it! When you win the lotto, will you buy me a house in Hawaii? PLEASE?? for my b-day? :) hee, hee! check out my pics on my facebook!

  2. Wow! I love your style! It is so unique, whimsical, beautiful!
    Wicked cool!
    Stumbled over here from Lisa Garay's blog.