Tuesday, 3 February 2009

New Blog !

Hi, I thought that I would just let you know about the new blog that I just set up called 'Juliet's Craftzine', it is a new blog where I will post projects with step by step instructions on how to make, video posts as well as still photos on how to make things too and I may add templates and downloads. So check it out on my link on the right under 'other blogs of mine' and either leave a comment or add yourself as a follower so I can see that people are interested in the idea as a whole..

Also we had some crazy snowy weather here in England which stopped the country practically which is ridiculous in this day and age, anyone would think we had never seen snow but I can't really complain as I had monday and tuesday off this week FREE as I couldn't get into London he he he...( I got so much art stuff done)


  1. gosh that little house is adorable!! we have that much snow on my back deck too these days

  2. I love your blog! So pretty and bright, and fresh and lovely! Can't wait to follow your new one too!