Monday, 23 March 2009

Giveaways !

This is my first giveaway and I didn't know what to give so it's not very amazing but they are a few bits to get me started so I have a little Easter rabbit called 'Pinky',

A fabric collage brooch from my Etsy site,

and one of little miss crafty's 'large' Atcs from a selection that I have started to make, it's basically twice the size of a normal one..

So to win one of these just add a comment naming the one you want and I will draw names from a hat to pick the winners of each, you can go for more than one if you wish, but you can only win one :) unless no one enters so you could win all 3.. I will pick winners on the 1st April...

And here is a pick of my favourite books bought recently....


  1. I love your cute

  2. of course sign me up... i'll take all 3, cause i'm greedy like that!
    ha! i'm going to say: brooch or pinky since i have one of your ATC's...
    must go finish a swap i have with a gal that was due at Christmas... oh wait, it's you....

  3. They are all wonderful!
    I would love to win any of them, but especially the brooch and the gorgeous ATC!


  4. I love your little birdie brooch! I just discovered your blog and love it! Your sense of color is wonderful. I'll be visiting your store after payday! Please enter me in your contest. Thank you!

  5. oh, i love giveaways - i'm doing one on my blog this week and one next week so check them out!

    anyhoo, i LOVE the bunny and i love the brooch:)

    and i love to win! LOL

    warmly, jan

    and i'm glad you were surprised by your birthday card! that makes it more special.

  6. They are all cute, but I'm totally in love with the little birdie brooch!! :D

  7. Jessica passiontealemonade@yahoo.com29 March 2009 at 05:49

    Hi! I'd love the bunny or the ATC friends - it is so adorable! Thanks for the opportunity!