Sunday, 29 March 2009

Little bit of this, little bit of that !

I have had a decent weekend where I have sorted a lot of things out and worked on some new projects including making some tactile colourful fabric jewellery which I am going to put on Etsy, and I want to start selling on Ebay but it looks quite complicated I hope it wont be a nightmare, anyway here is a sneak peak of my bracelet.

Also don't forget about the giveaway below it ends on 31st and I announce winners on 1st April.
Just add a comment with which you would like..

And get involved in the Altered art Tea Party's 2nd year, click the link on my other blogs !

I have also added a new 'How to' on making this banner too :)

A few more pics of hat I have been up to.


  1. I love the fabric art bracelet!
    Selling on eBay isnt too complicated, but listing times are short for those used to Etsy.
    Also, it CAN be tricky to find your market on eBay - eBayers tend to be shoppers looking for a ridiculous bargain, whereas Etsy shoppers are looking for unique handmade art (ok, some are also bargain hunters).
    Best of luck to you if you jump into the new venue!

  2. LOVE your new banners & bracelet! I agree with Digital Misfit- those ebay people want to pay ROCK BOTTOM prices. There are some artists who have luck on there, but i'm not sure they are getting top $. i list my daughters outgrown clothes & general items i just don't want & feel like i give them away!... just so you know.

  3. i so love the colors on your blog! very nice. also, where's the how-to on the banner, i need to make one of those. please don't think i forgot about the swap, too- i'm still working on it! i promise i'll get it in the mail soon!! lisa