Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Giveaway winners !

Pinch punch first of the month ! got ya !
Okay this morning I wrote out all the names and picked for each giveaway from a cup, not quite a hat but it worked the same the winners are..drum roll..........

For pinky the rabbit....It is Chinamommy MISHELL yeay !

For the bird brooch it is....AMBER yeay !

For the ATC it is....JESSICA yeay !

Well done to the winners and thanks to everyone who entered and in April I will be doing another giveaway including one or two pieces of my fabric jewellery ! so check back.

Please click on my Altered art appreciation society blog and join the party there to create some tea party artwork !

Check out the Craftzine too for more projects as I am off work this week I will be updating like crazy and adding the templates for projects that I should have done a long time ago, like the ATC house :( sorry but I will ....

Also I have decided to make this blog more personable by adding more pictures of me ..and my cat etc.. so even though I detest having my picture taken I will do this by the way this picture doesn't look like me, I look different in the mirror better than the picture how weird is that ?

And this is a tiara/crown base that I am going alter to something more colourful and wonderful, it used to be part of a ceiling lamp shade. This week I am also going to make some more paintings that I have been inspired to do, fabric jewellery, create more swaps and more little dolls of all types as well as a few bags, maybe some stationery and hair things etc ok that's enough...


  1. Oh yippeee! i think i'll do a give-away too, you've inspired me! i'm so glad to hear you are off work & won't have to sit in the bathroom wondering if you should flush yourself! Hope it's a wonderful productive week! AND.. you should have a surprise from the good ol' USA!

  2. I am oh-so-taken by your blog and flickr page! It was like opening a box and falling into never-ending inspiration! Thanks for your giving me such eye-candy to enjoy today!



  3. Thanks Juliet for your lovely comments!!! x