Thursday, 16 July 2009

365 Challenge

Okay, This weekend I am going to start the 365 portrait challenge..for those of you who do not know it's a portrait a day, hard going as they are all different but it should be fun and who knows, maybe I will be a better photographer after it ! it will be on a new site I have set up so wish me luck :)

Que les jeux commencent !


  1. new site? 365? really? ok, point the way to me so i can check them out!
    and yes, yes it does run on COAL! hahahahaha!!!

  2. hellooooooooooooooo..... new post?! please!!! i want to see what you're working on next! are you over this blog thing? are you dancing your feet off, are you & Susan busy shopping together, did you run off to the south of France with a blue eyed American boy (no, not that one, a new one?!)
    u know who...