Sunday, 5 July 2009

The Salsa class...

Okay, last week I did my first Salsa class which was held in a Salsa bar in London and obviously I had a vodka, lime and lemonade to steady the nerves then I had another one just to make sure...and we went and paid our £5 and got put into groups, now this was okay as there were a lot of absolute beginners although I did wonder if they did a completely and utterly absolute total first time beginners class but no, they didn't. The classes were split between the sections of the 'dance floor' which was not very big and as it was a bar there were people just standing around watching you all trying to dance which is not only disconcerting and embarrassing but also a bloody cheek as they did not pay any money and were getting a class for free !

I got the hang of the very basic moves although the woman teaching or shouting at us kept moving on to more involved steps quite quickly and there was no music..I found that so odd..and all the guys lined up in two rows and the girls found a partner to dance with first and then the girls would move along on to each guy to do a few steps with, I suppose in a bit of a speed dating way and there were some interesting guys there, haven't seen a line up like that since crime watch !
There was one guy who we nicknamed snake hips and I honestly couldn't tell whether he was in the groove or had some sort of physical twitch problem and it made me a little afraid of him... I was okay at doing the steps on my own but when I had to do a simple turn it all fell apart.. I could do the move on my own but as soon as we practised with a partner that was it, I couldn't turn left, I kept turning the wrong way with all the guys but really they are supposed to be in charge on the dance floor so I blame them for letting me go the wrong way..I have the same problem as Derek Zoolander..I am not an ambi-turner, I can't turn left...
All in all though I did have a really good time and it was such a laugh in the end after my third vodka unlike the week before when we just went to check out the bar as I chickened out and we got drunk on Sambuca and vodka whilst eating nachos instead....we are going again in a week or so and will go up a group apparently although I am not sure I am ready for the beginners group just yet...we are planning to go for just a night out though and actually dance to music ! wish me luck...

Okay this is what I have been working on. I have been getting in late from work which has made me tired and I have not been able to get my finger out and update my blog or shop etc..
so I am back and I am going to make myself an organiser and do lots of little bits everyday.. so here are the paintings and fabric brooches I have been working on and these will be put into the shop asap, may do different sizes for the prints and I will also be posting a new project on the 'Juliet's craftzine' blog' today ...


  1. *BEAUTIFUL* really, really cute stuff!!
    i was in hopes you'd have a video of your class posted too...i guess that is too much to ask for! keep it up, we'll see you on "dancing with the stars" :)
    ~Nacho Misschell

  2. ok crafty... i am going to have to put you on a strict 1X/week schedule for updating this blog! i miss seeing your beautiful artwork & hearing about your exotic life... :)
    Miss USA