Monday, 28 September 2009

Finally, New stock on Etsy !!!!!

Oh my God, it has been a struggle but I have finally put new stock up on Etsy even though my internet connection was playing up and what should have taken 2 hours actually took about 6 hours ! aarrrrggghhh anyway it is up and I am in the process of photographing lots more including my own handmade and designed embellishments and I am going to add some greetings cards which I was into making years ago but gave up a little bit because the time put in was not worth the money I charged, but I have managed this a little better now and maybe they will sell, who knows ? I am also going to add small shadow boxes and pre-made scrapbook pages which just require photographs..... The embellishments I am going to add are in my colourful style but also a lot will be more shabby chic in colour and style too so please go to my site now and keep going back to check for new stock, I will always post when I have added new stock, thanks :)

New embellishments and my range of 'fancy ATC's' and lots of yo-yo's

My other business venture is hopefully going to start in the next couple of weeks and once I have taken pictures and made some plans I will post that here too (oooooh so excited !)

I haven't been to Salsa for ages too, I am missing out and it makes me sad...maybe I should watch Crimewatch to remind me :D I would actually love to go to the rollerdisco again which was 80's heaven !

I am going to post another giveaway at the end of this week so don't forget to pop back and check.


  1. oh my gosh, you have been SO busy it is making ME tired!!! everything looks awesome!

  2. your embellishments are gorgeous. i love love love the beads you've made out of wool.