Sunday, 15 November 2009

Time flies !!!!!!!!!

Hello bloggers :) here is some late stuff and current stuff...I have decided to go back to my shabby chic stuff for a while, so lots of ornate patterns, pastels, florals etc etc
Yes I have been missing for a while but this is due partly to the fact that time keeps running away without me or I am blacking out for days at a time and am not aware of it !!! seriously it should still be july by my reckoning but it's already almost christmas ! what the bloody hell is going on ??? I have just finished some Halloween joke....and it seems I should already have started christmas cards or something...I will maybe tonight...I must book some more time off work to catch up.

I bought some lovely new stamps and ribbons, flowers and papers recently here is a few on my desk..

And so here is quite a few pics of the shadow boxes that I have been creating along with some shabby chic trinket boxes that will be available on Etsy when I upload them soon, I have also got into making some dolls houses from scratch, lots of scalpel and mount board work !

I also intend on making furniture too for the houses. Each will have different themes and will also been on sale on Etsy.

I would also like to say how jealous i am of all the fantastic craft events like silver bella etc that you have in the States..we don't have anything that cool here in the UK and no the NEC stitch and craft show etc does not count...I am talking cool stuff...I am going to try and start my own small versions of a craft weekend event type thing here...if you are from the UK please comment or email me if you would be interested in anything like that, be nice to get some feedback :)

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  1. What beautiful goods & Whewww, am i glad you are back!! Every time i would check & see "new goods on etsy" i would yell "they're not new anymore!"... I'm still waiting to hear this other secret project you're working on & waiting to hear you've quit the bank...