Saturday, 6 March 2010

Happy birthday to me.............

Yep I am officially 32 today !!! and it's still all good, had lots of birthday wishes on Facebook and my Marine sent me some lovely pink roses and a little teddy as well as a card of course, so sweet, can't wait to see him tomorrow...going to meet him at the airport :)

Anyway enough mush... here are some small artworks I have been painting today, they are on board which I have cut down into ATC size pieces... I will be selling these on Etsy too as well as a few more house based pieces of jewellery which I will add tomorrow morning as I need to charge my camera battery again !
I have eaten lots of chocolate andsweets today, I know it's my birthday and I used that very excuse to eat them but now sitting here typing I am looking at my slightly bulging tummy and am wondering was it worth it ? no of course it wasn't so from tomorrow I am back on the wii playing and cereal diet ! basically where I don't eat anything hmmm good idea ? well we will see in 2 weeks ! I'll let you know...


  1. Hope this is your best year yet!!! Happy Happy Birthday!!
    Lovely art- as always!

  2. Just found your blog.. Love your cards and everthing else. I will be coming back to your blog alot.
    By the way. you have the same birthday as my husband. Happy belated birthday. Also glad your man is home with you again. Hugs