Sunday, 4 April 2010

Wooooo Hoooooo !

Yes I am here, no I didn't die or get some computer related phobia and I wasn't kidnapped by a gang of hardened kittens with bandanas, baggy jeans and small flick knives with a disregard for the law and a poor upbringing.... I was just a bit lazy and a bit busy too, but I will have some exciting news which I do not want to jinx yet but I will post it when it is published...(ha small clue there !)

Anyway I have been busy also updating my Etsy and making lots of new bits and pieces as you will see and remember the ATC size small paintings I did, well i have decided to put these on Etsy as originals and will be making more today of various sizes, I have also extended the range of items related to the small houses and some fancy ones with extra embellishments.

I also took the house theme a little further and made some from fabric which I hope to add to Etsy today too... Wow this work is building up.. I was going to let you know about a project that I am doing too but I think I will wait till later or maybe tomorrow when I have pics to show too.. it is going to be a how to make blog that I will be selling the instructions of how to make the item and provide supplies for it so pop back to find out more....

Giveaway ! yes I missed out March but I am going to do an April one, will post tomorrow...

So here are a few pics of what I have been up to ;)


  1. I love all your work, Juliet! So bright and so much fun.

  2. your work is lovely so much fun i love your little houses the trees look great have a creative day love clairexxxx

  3. wowie!! what cute stuff!! love the little houses with trees!!!
    can't wait to hear the good news...!

  4. I like your work, these are so nice...!