Sunday, 11 July 2010

Working hard..

I am working hard on a project for a magazine Christmas issue but I did take a break from it to make a few cards , tags and atc's...the cards are now on Etsy and I will be making a few more if they sell but always as a one off, I don't really like mass produced things..... I am missing my little marine Tommy while he is away at the moment but am keeping myself busy with lots of work and while I am waiting for the World cup final to come on I thought I would add a little post :)

I am trying to keep my blog and etsy shop and flickr pages updated more regularly now after being awol a lot last year and a little bit at the beginning of this year, but I am trying...also I hope to be having a skype (video phonecall) with Misschell aka Chinamommy on tuesday, if she doesn't blow me out ;) ha ha
I have also bought the second edition of the wii fit game as I intend to get very fit and toned by christmas...I can do it !!!!

A big reason for making lots of cards and scrapbook stuff is to use up the craft stuff that i have accumulated and that is closing in on me like that scene in superman wen he gets crushed in that crusher ! well that's me but craft stuff !!!!!

Oh and I have listed my 5x7 inch artworks on Etsy too so go take a look !! Don't forget I have jewellery on there, my little house ornaments, hair accessories and charms !!!!!


  1. lovely to come across your Blog. Love all the colours in your art work, Catherine x

  2. yes, yes... i'm still planning on tomorrow!!!

  3. ok, that was fun! We'll do it again, before the year is up!

  4. yep, do it when you like, only takes a minute its a normal phone just a bit delayed sometimes ha ha

  5. I love your crafts Sis.. They are attractive.. Keep rocking.

  6. thanks and i will keep rocking !! :)