Monday, 23 August 2010

Cover shot people !!!

Ok I know it's been ages, sorry, but I have tried to post every weekend but something else always gets my attention ! anyway I was really excited yesterday as I checked out my contribution of 'cake slice boxes' to a magazine online, the cover had a shot of my project ! you should have seen my face, I was grinning like a mad fool ! go check it out now, it is an online gift making magazine where the first 3 issues are free and I am in the first and second so far... so go check it out at but wait till you have finished looking at my blog..then go ;)

Also here are a few pics of what I have been busy making, new lines of jewellery and fabric based crafts...I am also working on those online classes which I hop to have ready for next month but i will give details of the projects and class price soon.

I have started doing jewellery parties again, did a mini one on the weekend and it went well and sold some of my more quirky stuff like you see here which always raises my spirits that there are some people out there who want something different and striking. I made the comic strip style bracelet last week and wore it to work today and had lots and lots of great comments which has inspired me to do a whole range of comic style jewellery and crafts and also thoughts on a class too...

So here they are, hope you like them too, can't wait to show you more stuff this week as I make know me I either post once a month or a hundred times in a week !!!

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  1. I'll have to look for that magazine.

    Your art is so adorable. Love it.