Friday, 29 April 2011

Congratulations William and Kate !!!

Yes the Royal Wedding is today, everyone is excited and I'm so surprised over the immense international interest and support from literally everywhere in the world from what they said on the news. They even had a message from the Astronauts on the International Space Station.. wow !

I'm just a little sad that Kate is going to be titled as Duchess instead of Princess :(

Anyway I will be watching on tv for the next 6 hours or something ha ha

Congratulations and good luck William and Kate, I think Britain will be in good hands with them :) xx


  1. I was watching this at 3am here in the states! I couldn't believe how beautiful her dress was!

    I agree with you...I wanted her to take princess too...because she definately looks like one! I guess it shadows in comparison to one day being Queen!

  2. why doesn't she have the title Princess, is it because you took it? :)
    I didn't get 1 tiny bit of local news here, for all I know, my city is on fire!
    LOVED her dress, hope it puts an end to the strapless dress that has been so popular forEVER... They are adorable, I hope they're very happy together!!