Thursday, 14 July 2011

Dum da da da..da da da da da daaaaa....New Studio

Hey hey, well after long procrastination about doing this I have finally decided that I will post the pics of my new studio in London on the Thames :)

This is the most basic type of studio but hopefully next year I'll get one with a window ! :D

I must say I prefer to have a studio outside of the house where I go to to specifically create stuff, I like the journey actually getting out and being around other arty peeps, haven't had that since Art College..

Oh and just a reminder I have just posted again on Little Dave's blog with new pics of his friends so please go over there and follow him or he might cry :)

I am doing this for real now, quit my job a couple of months ago and it's scary but fear is a great motivation, my only real difficulty is getting the advertising to be able to sell more items so I have spent the week sorting this out trying to see what works best but if I can get as many of you lovely readers and followers to spread the word too that would be unbelievable and such a help to me.. whether its to my shop or my blog or facebook thanks in advance and if you are on Facebook then I have a page and group for little miss crafty, I am designing a proper brand logo at the moment but the current picture for each are of the bright orangey pink little girl...


  1. OH, I will def. spread the word-I'll do a blog post for you (when I get a second to breath...). I am so excited for you and will spend some time today trying to think of ways to make you famous (the kind that won't get you jail time!!)

  2. Congrats on your new workshop. Hope it will help you to be very successful and creative.

  3. Garden Savvy Susan1 October 2011 at 14:47

    Hi, I got a divorce 7 years ago. I had to work my way out of financial dilemas. I am ready to get back to CRAFTY way of life. I am creative with my garden and flower beds, but have had the sewing maching sitting in the corner FOREVER. Your blog gave me some new vision. Thanks.