Monday, 5 March 2012

New design styles for 2012

Wow, where did February go ? gosh been busy as well as been unwell for the last week :( but it is slowly getting better ... Can't believe my birthday is tomorrow too ! but I am going to write a post for that tomorrow too, maybe even a giveaway to celebrate ? :)
Well I have been working on lots of new designs but this is one of my favourite, my circle patterns on jewellery and now paintings and my little houses. I have really gotten into the doodle style of stuff and it has inspired me to start drawings and paintings again as actual pieces and not just sketchbook notes etc they do take ages to complete but I always love the end result. I have also developed a painful neck out of the blue which I have realised is a result of all the bending down to paint and not sitting at my desk properly, I tend to sit side on...bit worried that it still aches and not sure how to correct it, I hate going to the doctor unless it's important but then I suppose it is if I don't want problems when I'm older, unless a good massage can sort it out, may get one for my birthday..a proper hour long full body massage sounds total bliss.

I have also decided that I need a total overhaul of all my sites and layouts, I want to design a logo and new banners etc and also get my packing sorted out so I can package things straight away and they are all more professional looking.

I have at least 50 if not more new things I need to list for sale so if you want to see these things please join my group or page on facebook as this is easier and quicker to update on than when I blog.

My newest art purchase has been to invest in a set of Tombow pens after so many people have recommended them I needed to find out and I must say they are bloody brilliant, I did a few quick sketches today and used my water fill-able portable brush to go over and turn the ink into a type of watercolour and they are fantastic, sooo good, great for my sketch book and quick work, can't wait to try them with my craft stuff such as rubber stamping etc, am going into the studio tomorrow if I'm well enough and may have a play around with them then for my birthday hahha, can't give up the art for one day !Have put pics of this here too

Ok, I'm off to make some more bits so have a wonderful day :)

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