Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Last post of 2013 !!

This is it.  The end of 2013 and beginning of a new year which is exciting just because it means I can finally use the tonnes of journals and diaries I has bought over the last couple of months.... so that means I will have about three or four on the go :D haha I can't help it, I love a nice planner/diary/journal just thinking of all the things I can write in it, how organised it will make me ...etc etc yes I am aware this lasts for a few months or weeks until I start missing days or weeks or even months, a bit like my blog posts (sorry), I am not sure if it is my settings (although I have checked this recently) or that no one is visiting my site anymore but I haven't had any feedback or comments for a very long time so I hope to rectify this with new ideas and posts in 2014 so hold on to your hats ;)

Thank you for all the support I have had with followers and likes and comments on instagram which I have loved this year, Happy New Year xxx


  1. I enjoy your blog, please keep it going! :)

    Sheila in Oregon

    1. Sheila !! oh you're still here...yeay :) haha happy new year x